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Dear Martin House Friends & Supporters,

I hope this finds you safe/well etc. As our community continues to adapt to the challenges of the

last 20+ months, we are grateful for the gifts that have kept us going – and able to meet our


Among those many gifts have been the tireless leadership of Paula Oberg – who after 19 years

of dedicated service to Martin House – retired this fall. While it would be impossible to capture

all that she did (for the residents and staff/for the community/to inspire the staff and residents) - 

we thought it fitting to celebrate her work in the words of Martin House residents and staff.


“She was not only a leader, but a teacher, friend, counselor, housekeeper, handywoman, mover, and the list could go on! Some days, she would come into work dressed comfortably, and we all knew that she intended to tackle a deep cleaning project that she had noticed in her routine walks around the building. Other days, she would be dressed the part for her role, leading us to believe that she would be heading into a meeting, or maybe even leaving for an appointment. There were even days where she would say that she had planned on leaving early, but at 5:00PM, she was still here, lending a listening ear, or tending to an urgent matter. She genuinely believed that this was “home” to all the men and women who walked through these doors.

Staff described her as selfless, and that she had the uncanny ability to put herself in someone else’s shoes, whether it be a staff member or resident.

Many residents shared they never felt safe until they came to Martin House, and Paula helped them feel safe.

These appreciations reflect Paula’s belief in each and every person who calls Martin House home – residents, certainly, but staff, volunteers, and community members too. As the new Executive Director, I look forward to connecting with you – our friends and donors – to ensure Martin House remains a safe, supportive place for current and future residents to call home.

Allow me to share a little bit about myself – my name is Jon Maderia and I am excited to use my 30 years of experience in the social service field to support the Martin House community. I have worked with families previously experiencing homelessness, young adults receiving a chance to avoid incarceration through substance abuse and employment skills groups, and adults with disabilities eagerly seeking employment. All these experiences have equipped me with the heart, motivation and passion necessary to carry on the vital work of Martin House.

And I invite you to join me, and the Martin House family, to be a part of that vital work too!

With gratitude,

Jon Maderia
Executive Director

Jon Maderia
Executive Director