Paula Oberg
Executive Director 

I want to let you know that I will be retiring soon.  The Board of Directors is in the process of finding my

replacement.  I expect there will be some overlap with the new Executive Director making it difficult to give you

an exact date of my leaving.  It will be in the next few months.


I have been working at Martin House for 19 years this August.  It has been work I have embraced as an

important part of my life.  I feel honored to have been involved with so many people who live and work here. 

My decision to retire is the result of my interest in moving on to my next phase of life with my husband and family. 


As I know more about the specifics of my retirement date I will certainly keep you posted.  Please know that the transition between myself and my replacement will be a smooth one.


Please feel free to stop in if you want to discuss my leaving.