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A letter from the Executive Director

On behalf of the residents and staff of Martin House, thank you for your support!

It is amazing to see the commitment from community members. 

Martin House has been able to change lives for 40 years and with your help,

will be able to be there for those who need for years to come.

Your support sends a strong message that our community values the lives of

adults with histories of mental illness, poverty and who have experienced homelessness. 

Our organization relies on donations from the public to keep our doors open

and to continue with the work we are to doing.

Your generous donations are deeply appreciated!

Jon Maderia

Executive Director

Martin House, Inc.

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More About Jon

Jon has over 25 years of working in the non-profit sector. Earlier in his career, he worked at a fatherhood outreach program where he received an award from the CT Children's Trust fund in recognition of outstanding leadership in assisting single fathers and young dads to be able to be a larger part of their child’s lives. Later, he received a citation from a non-profit that supported people with disabilities. As the farm program manager, he assisted in making it possible for the agency to provide therapeutic horseback riding and organic farm-to-table gardening. From there he went on to partner with another non-profit serving adults with disabilities, and as the Employment Director, he helped to create an Employment Transition Center for people with disabilities.


These are only a few of the work experiences where Jon’s passion for developing new opportunities and creating new programs from the ground up, was revealed.
Promoting a person-directed approach to obtaining services, which in turn empowers everyone, is at the core of what Jon exemplifies.


The most rewarding aspect of Jon’s current position, as Executive Director of Martin House, is building relationships, working with a diverse array of community
providers, and advocating for others, all while keeping the goal in mind of enhancing opportunities for all individuals with all abilities.

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