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Martin House, Inc. provides affordable, single room occupancy housing, with supports.  We have staff on site 24-hours per day, seven days per week. Martin House serves 54 adults, both men and women, 18 years and older.  Most residents have experienced mental health, substance abuse, homelessness and poverty.  Residents pay a program fee that includes room, board, utilities and 24 hour staff on site.  Three prepared meals per day are offered cafeteria style.  If a resident chooses to have a landline phone and cable in their room the cost is extra and billed to them directly.  Individual rooms are furnished with a twin bed, nightstand, lamp, bureau and chair.  Residents may choose to purchase a small refrigerator, coffeepot and microwave for their room.  Each room has one small closet.  Martin House is a smoke-free environment.  Smoking is allowed outside the building in two designated areas.


There are three levels of housing support within Martin House.  Recovery for Life (RFL), provides the highest level of support.  Adults transferring from network residential programs are eligible for this program.  Referrals are made through the Southeastern Mental Health Authority.  Residents will learn self-care skills, how to socialize, manage leisure time activities, make informed physical and mental health decisions, explore education or employment.  Upon completion of RFL, residents may transfer to Transitions.  This program within Martin House assists residents to bridge the gap between more traditional programs that require residents move to another facility when they are doing well.  Transitions will work collaboratively with other network providers to ensure residents maintain skills learned in RFL without loss of housing.  Housing Supports is the most independent program within Martin House.  It is necessary for residents to be independent regarding their self-care needs.  Expectations for good hygiene, having a safe, organized room and the ability to relate to others who live in the program are requirements.


All residents are asked to participate in the upkeep of the facility and may be asked to perform duties including dining room set up, dishes, cleaning bathrooms, vacuuming common areas etc., as well as keeping up their private area.  Room inspections are done weekly.

Average length of stay is four to five years.  Martin House views itself as a place for adults who have made a commitment to improve their lives.  We offer the framework for residents to work on skills that support their move to greater independence and their own apartment.


Guests may visit seven days per week, between the hours of 9 am to 11 pm.  Medication administration is available and provided by nursing personnel. Residents who are prescribed medications are asked to address any medication questions to their prescribers.  Each resident is asked to participate in productive activity of their choosing.  Work and volunteering are examples of these.

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