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A United Way

Member Agency

Martin House provides three nutritious meals per day served cafeteria style. Our full time Kitchen Manager and part-time weekend cook prepare meals from scratch. We pride ourselves by offering homemade soups, fresh salads, homemade pizza as well as the full range of nutritious meals. We are able to utilize food from the Gemma Moran, United Way Food Bank. We supplement our needs with food from our food vendor. Our Kitchen Manager works closely with the nurses on site to assist residents to make the healthiest choices to address their medical needs.


Offers instruction to raise the academic level of the participants and introduces them to computer technology. Our Adult Education Facilitator is on site twelve hours per week to assist residents with educational needs to increase their ability to become self-reliant.


Established to help residents to redefine their role from feeling empty and valueless to one that has purpose and meaning by helping them to become competitively employed. The objectives are to increase the number of residents who participate in competitive employment and to increase the length of employment for each participant so that more of our residents will experience success in the workplace.


For residents who are not successful obtaining employment the on-site Coffee Cup Café offers the opportunity for residents to engage in the same activities as if they were involved in competitive employment. The Café is open 3 mornings per week. Residents are responsible for all activities related to the operations of the Café.


In addition to the Cafe', Martin House has expanded our in-house employment opportunities, by developing the Helping Hand, an in-house store.  The store, open one time per week, offers residents the opportunity to collect donations, price inventory, learn customer service skills, and improving their financial literacy.  Items are low priced, ranging from $0.05 to $3.00.  Martin House residents are able to stretch their finances by purchasing hygiene products, clothing, and decorative items for their room.

Additionally, Martin House may broker from other community agencies:

  • Case Management

  • Visiting Nurses either medical or psychiatric

  • Behavioral Health Services

  • Medical Services

  • Other services as needed