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Recovery for Life

A team member of the RFL program enjoys a lunch with team members.

This program delivers essential support for daily living skills to residents at Martin House, with a focus on those requiring intensive staff assistance. Our dedicated Recovery Specialists collaborate closely with residents, engaging multiple times a day to implement individualized recovery plans developed in coordination with the resident's provider network. The primary objective for residents in the RFL program is to enhance self-sufficiency, enabling them to transition to a lower level of support within Martin House or alternative housing options outside our community.


Supports provided in the RFL program encompass a variety of areas, including recreation, education, financial literacy, and the maintenance of personal hygiene and private living spaces. Residents in the RFL program can anticipate a length of stay ranging from six months to four years, depending on their readiness to progress to a less intensive housing support level. Optimize your support for residents by contributing to our program's success!

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